Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Under A Glass Moon

I think the neighbors are going to call the cops on me very soon.

Every day there's what sounds like an air raid siren going off in my apartment, and then the sounds of loud, frustration-laced profanity when that fucking crystal glass won't shatter. One day, though, one day.

One day, I'm going to set off a kataklysmic chain of events. Windows will shatter, car alarms will go off, glassware will be reduced to deadly shards of airborne deadliness. Fishbowls everywhere will not be safe. I will cause a global catastrophe. The loudness of it all will be overwhelmingly brutal.

Earthquakes will occur, tides will rise and fall unpredictably, California will sink into the ocean and Atlantis will rise up from the depths again.

It will truly be fucking metal. One day.
But first let's focus on the one glass.

On a side note, last night's episode of LOST was FUCKAWESOME.
SOME BITCH EXPLODED! NO, SRSLY. Anyway, more from me some other time.
Cheers. \m/

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